The Animals

I think the wait for Labour Day is way too long. I’m thinking at least one public holiday per month should be recorded as a basic human right. Am I right? Yeah, thought so.

Anyhoo, just thought I’d share some fluffy photos with you. Cos it’s like…totally not bed time, and I totally do not have to get up early tomorrow…

_MG_3594 (1024x683)

This on the left is Bagel. She’s a beagle. And this on the right is Harry (full name Dirty Harry, not my choosing).

_MG_3608 (683x1024)

This is Harry hankering after something yummy. “Feed me please!”

_MG_3613 (1024x683)

Beagles are not very good at having their photos taken.

_MG_3614 (1024x683)

I think it has something to do with an extremely short attention span.

_MG_3617 (1024x683)

Or maybe she’s just looking for food. “Fooooooooooooood!”

_MG_3627 (1024x683)

“Do you have any food for me?”

_MG_3630 (683x1024)

This is Harry trying to look all smoldering and sexy. I think he kinna looks like Scar from Lion King.

IMG_2323 (1024x683)

Every now and then, we get a visitor. Harry used to be a sheep dog, so he was very excited.

IMG_2324 (1024x683)

Isn’t she cute??? Love!!

IMG_2325 (1024x683)

Bagel doesn’t know that this weirdo thingy is.

IMG_2326 (1024x683)

“Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.” Chew, chew. I do pretty good lamb impersonations.

IMG_2332 (1024x683)

Happy family 🙂

The lamb only stayed for a couple of days. She moved on the larger property (read: farm) down the road from us. We miss her.

Bed now 🙂


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