On Passion, and a Sugar Anemone Cake


I made this cake recently for a good friends birthday. A beautiful cake for a beautiful lady. Happy birthday Jackie! And may you never lose your smile.

I also recently read this post from Chris Guillebeau. For those of you that don’t know, I have long dallied in motivational stuff in general. Chris’s site is awesome. Check it out. And the TEDX is awesome. Also check that out. But the message in this particular post/talk really struck a cord with me.

Even though I’ve been to many seminars and read many books, I still haven’t found the courage to do what I love. What I’m really passionate about. Part of it is not knowing what I’m passionate about. But what I do know is that I don’t like what I’m doing now. I’m climbing the proverbial ladder. But I know, with a deep and horrible certainty, that it’s the wrong ladder.

Caking is the closest I’ve come. I want to start making cakes more often. I’m curious what it could lead to.

I’ve always operated with a faith that things will work out, a strange long-term optimism. Does anyone share this optimism? And how have you guys found your passion?


One thought on “On Passion, and a Sugar Anemone Cake

  1. I wish I could over you words of experience and success stories re long term optimism. I’m sure there are many, many out there.

    I have so much faith in you Vicky and hope you will garner the courage to pursue a path that is daunting and unfamiliar but completely worth it. You might not know the exact path to take but I can feel it in my bones that you are on the right track 🙂

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