365 Project


I really don’t take enough photos.

One of my resolutions this year is to take more photos. I want to remember all the random little things that don’t seem important. And I want to get better at taking photos.

I got a new camera for Christmas this year. I love it. It’s amazing. And now my old 400D can be the back up, take-everywhere-and-not-worry-about camera.

So I’m kicking off my own 365 project. Well… 361, seeing as it’s the 4th today. I’ll be posting them in the 365 page up top. One photo. Every day. Expect some instagram abuse very soon.


Happy New Year!!


(Yes, Jeffrey, this is your photo…)

I’m so proud that Sydney is famous for its new years fireworks each year. Stuff that ball. Harbour bridge is where it’s at! This year they went all out. $6.6M worth of explosives, and although it I didn’t see it myself, I imagine it was a pretty spectacular display.

2012 was a really big one for me. Huge actually, when I think about it. And boy, was it  good one! We found festivals, and with them, fell in love with music all over again. We discovered some of our city’s hidden gems. We discovered some gems abroad. Macarons were made. Turkeys were roasted. We bought an apartment! We renovated a kitchen. We made new friends, and reached out to old ones.

As wonderful as the year was, it wasn’t without its trying times. I lost my sweet, sweet Cavvy, who was with us for 15 years. Friendships fell apart. Recipes failed. Some weight was gained, and not yet shed…

But it really was a wonderful year.

And can I tell you? I’m hell excited for the next one.

And as far as resolutions go, I’m keeping it loose and easy this year. I failed all of last year’s, so I’m recycling them all. Move up a level in pole. Hit the splits. And snowboard down a blue run. And take more photos dammit! Fingers crossed 🙂